A labyrinth is a spiritual tool to connect with the Divine within. It has a clear beginning, and the path always leads you to the center. A labyrinth helps you to let go of your conceptual mind, which allows you to connect deeper with your inner self. Walking the pattern of the labyrinth induces a shift in your consciousness and in your energy system, consciously or unconsciously. The labyrinth has been described as a ‘re-orientation engine’. Both Spirit of the Heavens at Angel Valley labyrinths are located on a 7th chakra earth energy line. This enhances the spiritual experience.

The Chartres Labyrinth

The Chartres labyrinth has 11 circuits with the center as the 12th step. Mastering the 12 levels of consciousness leads to completion of our journey. The labyrinth walker is the 13th element, bringing all levels into one. The walker transcends the consciousness of this reality and moves to a higher level of consciousness.

The Chartres labyrinth within Spirit of the Heavens at Angel Valley is a replica of the one in the Cathedral de Notre Dame in Chartres, France. It is 104 ft (31.6m) in diameter, two times the size of the original labyrinth.

Pilgrims used it as an alternative for a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the holy city, walking the labyrinth barefoot, or even on their knees. Once in the center the strong Earth energies and the cosmic energies, combined with the light of the colorful stained-glass windows, made it into a transcendental experience. The pilgrims in our times have a similar goal to achieve clarity on their path through life, and to experience their connection with God, The Creator, All That Is.

The pattern of the Chartres labyrinth is a cross within a circle, a symbol much older than the Christian tradition. This symbol is also the basis of the Native American Medicine Wheel and of both the Angel Wheel and the Medicine Wheel within Spirit of the Heavens at Angel Valley.

The 7-circuit Labyrinth

The 7-circuit labyrinth helps to connect to a spiritual experience in the physical reality. The number of circuits of the 7-circuit labyrinth equals the number of loops that are walked to reach the center. The number 7 relates to the seven chakras and the seven steps to enlightenment. Seven is considered a sacred number, which adds to the sacred experience of this labyrinth.

How to walk a labyrinth

Be quiet. Breathe deep into your belly. Be aware to walk in your own space. Before you enter the labyrinth, set an intention and open your heart. Walk in a meditative way. Be in a receptive state of being. Know, that your Spirit Guides, your Angels, your Galactic Relatives are with you. Although the basic function of both the 7-circuit and the 11-circuit Chartres labyrinth is the same, the path you walk and the experiences people have may be quite different.

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