Sacred Sites Experiences

The concept for my new career began with my walk of the labyrinth at Angel Valley.
Melissa H., Lothian, MD

Whispering in her Mom's ear: "Everyone is happy here! You never allow me and Luke to be alone this long, but you know we are safe here with the Angels."
Angela Steele, 8 years old, East St. Johnsbury, VT

Amayra, you were like an angel leading us into the woods. Your white cape even looked like wings. You gave me such a calm feeling, which I sincerely appreciate. God bless you always.
Donna Maria V., Newton, NJ

As I walked the largest labyrinth in Southwest America, I prayed for an open mind and answers. My mother, who passed away several years ago without me ever saying goodbye, came to me and told me she was there and would always be. I wept gently.
Jim F., Sedona, AZ

I really enjoyed the 7-circuit labyrinth, but to walk the Chartres labyrinth, knowing that Bashar was directly above, was truly an amazing experience.
Sharon McC., Los Angeles, CA

When we walked the labyrinth and got to the center we prayed and our voices were amplified. It sounded like we were talking through speakers! Then, when we left we saw four angel clouds!
Ifini S., Aziza, Gwen & Selyah, Los Angeles, CA

The feeling of Divine energies left a deep impression in my soul. Angel Valley is heaven on Earth!
Ann D. S., Manchester, NH

Besides feeling physically better after the vortex meditation and hike, I also left with a few spiritual messages that I needed to hear.
Lisa L., Hopewell Junction, NY

Thank you so much for our vortex tour. How a vortex can change a relationship is beyond me, but there is definitely something special about your place and your group that help stragglers like us.
Cheryle L. W., Denver CO

The Vortex Tour was fun and spiritually inspiring for our whole family. Each one of us experienced something unique and uplifting from this highly energetic place."
Christine M., Attorney at Law, Phoenix, AZ

Angel Valley is a healing place. After two days staying here I feel so much better. I think this is because of the water. This water has the power of healing, the power of the Angels.
Dr. Emoto at Angel Valley, July 8, 2013


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