Retreat Experiences

A magical place that words cannot describe. You don’t experience Angel Valley, you feel it.
JoAnne G., Gig Harbor, CA

You have enhanced nature with wonderful trails, energy circles and labyrinths. You created wonderful bridges that link all worlds.
Lindy T., Tarpon Springs, FL

I had such a wonderful time at Angel Valley and still feel so calm and peaceful. I feel better emotionally and spiritually than I have for years.
Patricia K., Linn, MO

Everything at Angel Valley supports a peaceful inner journey for self-realization and connection with nature and the Universe.
Pat E., Columbia, MO

With each and every visit to Sedona I experience an incredible acceleration of my personal journey. I am forever grateful for your honesty, commitment, support and love.
Celeste C. P., Boca Raton, FL

It came to me that Angel Valley is the perfect healing place for conquering fears and living life more fully.
Josephine F., Sedona, AZ

I came to Sedona to put the wonders of magic into my life and I am leaving with my true self. In your own magical way you not only showed me that all things are possible, you showed me how. I am truly a new person!
April B., Brooklyn, NY

Thank YOU all so much for providing such a lovely space in which to expand our energies.... truly a beautiful, spiritful, restful and homey atmosphere both on the land and in the dwellings...everything was perfect!
Kathy F., San Francisco, CA

Thank you for the wonderful energy of the meals, sensitivity for balance and detail, delicious menu, friendly and responsive service and joyous attitude.
Samantha S., Oakland, CA

Some comments on Food by Retreat Participants:
* I am not a true vegetarian, but this was a great experience for me.
* Every bite was like a symphony for my taste buds!
* The most delicious and nutritious vegetarian food ever.
* Can I take your chef home with me? Where is your recipe book?
* Your fresh vegetables sing with life force. Thank you for using organic.
* I have struggled with a compulsive eating disorder. You have taught me to appreciate quality more than quantity.
* The love the food was made with inspires me to learn to cook vegetarian.
* I have a lot of dietary restrictions and allergies. I felt completely taken care of at every single meal.
* I have never been a veggie person, but here I became aware of the live energy in my food.
* The biggest challenge I experienced was how to eat less of that delicious food.


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