Vortex Tour

A Vortex Experience of 2 hours is facilitated by one of Angel Valley's practitioners. You are assisted in making connections with the earth energies and in interpreting your impressions. As a result of the vortex tour, your perception may be heightened. Available for 1 person up to 10. You are invited to explore more energy sites after the guided session.

At Angel Valley an unusually high number of earth energy lines cross the land. As a result there are many vortexes and special energy sites. Stone circles have been created on these locations. Some are directly aligned with our chakras or our meridians, some correspond with various levels of our consciousness, and others connect to the Christ Consciousness, the Angels, and the Beings of Light.

Many of us have the desire to explore the world of subtle energies. We are learning to sense and to sensitize ourselves in a new or more expanded way. Angel Valley is a perfect place to practice this process of becoming more sensitive, or to finetune your sensitivity.

Fee: Session of 2 hours $200 for 1 or 2 persons. Each additional person $50.
For a group of 6 or more the fee is $50 per person.
Your Day Visit fee is included. Allow yourself all the time you need for your visit to Angel Valley. Bring your water bottle, your lunch, comfortable shoes, and, for warm summer days, your bathing suit.
Call us for more information or reservation (928) 634-1320.
Payment Policy: We prefer payments WITH CASH or BY CHECK.


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