Art From The Heart

A Collective of Individuals, all directly connected with Angel Valley, exploring and expressing their 5th Dimensional ‘God Self’ Nature, from their heart space through the arts!


Listen with your heart!
Feel with your heart!
Allow your experience to be a ‘Heart Inspired Journey’ between the Artist, the Art and you!

When touched by a particular piece of Art that speaks to your ‘God Self’, you can find details about the artists and their art work in their personal catalogues and upon request.



Girl With Lamb 16"x20"

Searle-Leverett'When I come across a picture, that moves me, I am drawn to re-interpret in the way I feel and see it. I express on canvas and also do ceramic painting.'

Being In America - 48"x36"
Birthing Spirit, Bronze - 32" high
The Journey - 48"x48"

David Montgomery

His art philosophy is to allow the art to be channeled from his Divine-Self in the moment.  The process is enlightening and the end product is always a mystery. His art speaks of his values and spiritual journey.

Starscape #7 - 20"x16"

Cara Marie
As a healing multi-media artist, she loves to work with vivid colors and movement to express transmissions of energy through her artwork.

Elohim Transmission #1 - 20"x16"

Iris Onica

Angelic Star Being - Gyclees / Prints


Cher Lyn

Archangel Michael - Gyclees

Art From The Heart can be purchased. Catalogues with bios of artist, portfolio and prices are with the art work in the Crystal Hall.

Request: If your heart is touched by an art piece, but it is not the right moment to purchase it, you are welcome to take pictures and take our art home with you.
We invite you to leave a contribution for the artist. Thank you!!

Call us for more information (928) 634-1320.
Payment Policy: We prefer payments WITH CASH or BY CHECK.


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