Group Retreats


Teachers and facilitators have brought students to Angel Valley since 2003. Angel Valley provides a safe and supporting environment that allows for easy transmission and reception of programs and messages.

We see this process as a co-creation. The energies of Angel Valley's sacred land, the food and facilities we provide, our team and our foundational beliefs all become integral components of the totality of the experience that participants receive through the program offered by their group facilitator. We are committed to collaborate with those who feel we are together in creating a 5th Dimensional World.

Because the above is so important to us, we will no longer just host group retreats, where the facilitator 'rents' our place.
If the resonance is there, we make a plan with the facilitator what is the best way for us to be involved in their program.

Those guided to explore a co-creative relationship with Angel Valley, are invited to read our Philosophy, Vision and Mission page. If you feel there is a resonance with your message and with your teachings, ideally you come and visit, and feel for yourself the vibration of Angel Valley. If a visit in person is not possible, we will build our relationship in other ways.
In our interaction we provide more detailed information on the practicalities of your planned retreat.

Both facilitators and participants are invited to consider spending an additional day at Angel Valley before or after their retreat. There is no better way to be optimally prepared or to integrate the profoundness of what has occurred during the program.

Group Retreats - 13 participants or more.
Included: lodging based on 2 persons per room or cabin,
one meeting space,
3 meals per day (dietary needs are catered for),
and use of all facility features.

For Group Retreats smaller than 13, conditions are slightly modified.

You are invited to download the Group Retreat Guidelines, the Terms & Conditions,
the Meal Questionnaire, and the Group Application.
Upon submitting your application, you will be requested to prepare for signing the Contract.
Please, contact us to discuss additional information.





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