ET Connections

When we built the Chartres Labyrinth in 2007, we had 2 objectives:
first, to build a Labyrinth with this 800-year old pattern,
and second, for this site to be used as a Landing Pad for our Galactic family and friends.


Bashar from Essassani, by unknown artist

Since then, more and more guests at Angel Valley are reporting that they have seen unusual phenomena in the sky or have seen or felt presences that we would describe as extra-terrestrial.

We increasingly meet people who know, like we do, that there is intelligent and evolved life beyond planet earth. Someday, when we are ready, we will meet them.

In a powerful meditation in the center of the labyrinth in April, 2013, we were guided through a physical landing of Bashar, an extra-terrestrial teacher who has been channeled for over 30 years by Darryl Anka.
Stepping away from the timeline, which is a human concept, his appearance with us happened, right then and there!

We have been informed through channelings that over 33 different civilizations that live in other dimensions, have landed their ships in the Labyrinth.

Being in our Heart space assists in experiencing contact in whatever form is most appropriate for why we are on our journey of advancement.






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