Transformation at Angel Valley

by Michael and Amayra Hamilton

On October 8, 2009, a sweat lodge incident occurred in Sedona, whereby three people died. That tragedy took place at Angel Valley. What happened has impacted many lives, including ours.

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Since the incident Michael and Amayra have spoken freely about it with those who were interested. They have felt the desire to share their experiences for a variety of reasons. By sharing what they witnessed and what they went through, they hope that a deeper understanding may be created for what occurred.
Most of all they have wanted to share what they have learned from the incident, and what others can learn from it if they choose to. This may not only prevent an incident like this ever to happen again, it is an opportunity to become a better person because of what happened.

In loving memory of Liz, Kirby and James.

The book can be purchased at Angel Valley and on

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