NuLemurian Heart Center Sedona in Angel Valley


Five Essential Principles of Creation:

* I Exist
* The One is All and the All are One
* Everything is Here and Now
* What I put out is what I get back
* Change is the only constant, except for the first four principles, which never change


We are Living with a 5th Dimensional Consciousness, where everyone is:

* Loving, Valuing, and Respecting Ourselves More Than Anyone or Anything
* Following Our Heart’s Highest Excitement,Joy and Passion
* Being Our Natural, Authentic Self
* Choosing the reality we prefer
* Being aware that we are Multi-Dimensional Beings having Simultaneous, Co-Existing Parallel Lives
* Having Conscious Interactions with Beings of Light from All Worlds
* Honoring that ALL Truths and ALL Perspectives Are True for the People who hold them
* Consciously Exchanging, Experiencing, and Enjoying Abundance on all levels
* Living in a State of Integrity, Accountability and Responsibility


We are giving our 5th Dimensional Consciousness form by:

* Being a Reflection Mirror for Others to Perceive their own Beauty and Uniqueness
* Celebrating Life with Awareness and in Harmony with Our Souls and Our God Self
* Sharing Messages from our God Self through Angels, Extra Terrestrials and other Beings of Light
* Encouraging People to Find Their Own Answers and Their Own Truth Within Themselves
* Manifesting Sacred Oasis Centers for Knowing Myself, Loving Myself, and Expressing Myself
* Designing and Presenting Programs, Services, and Products that Excite Us and Bring Us Joy

November 19, 2017 – Angel Valley Ministries – A 501 (C) (3) Organization – Angel Valley Sedona - NuLEMURIA


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