Angel Valley Sedona

Welcome to Angel Valley Sedona for a day visit, for an overnight stay, for a personal retreat or for a group retreat.

Are you at a crossroads? Explore the powerful vortex energy, discover the mysteries of Angel Valley's transformational sacred sites, walk the labyrinths, play with healing waters, and have a life-changing experience.

All who are being guided or called to Angel Valley Sedona and NuLEMURIAN University are, consciously or unconsciously, desiring to advance into the awareness of their own Divinity and Co-Creatorship!

Angel Valley is a home, an oasis and a gathering space to receive messages, insights, inspiration, and support from kindred spirits, from multi-dimensional Beings of Love & Light, from Angels, from our Extra-Terrestrial Family, from Vortex & Earth Energies, from Elementals & Earth Spirits.


Being one with your Heart and listen, as you follow your highest excitement!

The Angel Wheel and the Angel Circles help us to understand and connect with the Angels on a deep level.

Connect with the Ancestral Beings that are ever present,
sharing love and wisdom,
in the Medicine Wheel, also called the Ancestor Wheel.


The Vortex energy of the Sedona area is strongly experienced at Angel Valley.

Meditate in one of the marked Vortex Sites, or in a dedicated Angel Circle.

Angel Valley Sedona
attracts both Individual Visitors and Guests, AND Groups for Day Visits or for a stay of multiple days.


Oak Creek is flowing around and through the property.
The healing water is soothing and relaxing. On warm summerdays, an opportunity to play!

Sessions in different modalities are offered, from walks on the land during Vortex Tours and Angel Walks, to individual sessions and more-day programs.

Our practitioners team is professional, experienced and loving.


For those who want to stay overnight, Angel Valley Sedona offers Lodging.



View of Angel Valley from Uriel's mountain
All pictures on this website were taken at Angel Valley.

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